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Level of Significance

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Height - 35m


Common name
Dunn's White Gum
Botanical name
Eucalyptus dunnii Maiden
Individual Tree
Yarra Ranges (VIC)
Medium Strip, south end of Edna Walling Lane Mooroolbark VIC 3138
  • Rare (Scientific)
  • Location/Context (Social)
  • Person/Group/Institution (Historic)
Date of germination
01 Jan 1955
Date of measurement
28 Mar 2014
Date of classification
25 Jul 2017

Statement of Significance

The Dunn’s White Gum is significant for aesthetic and rarity reasons at a State level. The tree is the only known example of the species in Victoria and the species is restricted in the wild to north-west of Coffs Harbour, and in the Border Ranges of NSW and QLD.
This Dunn’s White Gum is planted at Bickleigh Vale, a village complex created by noted garden designer Edna Walling from about 1921. The tree is the only known example in Victoria and is within the area owned and planted by Edna Walling. This Dunn's White Gum is large white trunked gum tree which is a dominant feature in the landscape. The tree is growing at Bickleigh Vale in the road reserve adjacent to ‘Sonning’ built by Edna Walling in 1921 and rebuilt in 1936 following a fire. It is close to the nursery she created in about 1930 and near the entrance to The Barn where Walling resided from 1951 until she moved to Queensland in 1967. Bickleigh Vale was named after the village in Devon, England where Walling was raised.


Bickleigh Vale is a landscaped village of approximately 10ha created in the 1920s by leading Australian landscape gardener and designer Edna Walling (1895-1973). Bickleigh Vale was developed around Walling's own residence, 'Sonning' built in 1921 and her studio 'The Cabin'. Walling lived in the village for most of her working life, moving from 'Sonning' to 'The Barn' in 1951, before moving to Queensland in 1967. Bickleigh Vale was named after the village in Devon, England where Walling was raised.
The village was developed from the 1920s in a consistent style by Walling and a group of likeminded purchasers until the 1950s, whilst subsequent subdivision has created more than 30 properties. The design of all allotments in the first few decades was closely controlled by Walling, and part of the 'Sonning' garden was used by Walling as a nursery from which plants were supplied to purchasers.


Medium strip, south end of Edna Walling Lane between the driveway entrances to Devon Cottage and The Barn, Bickleigh Vale, Mooroolbark.